Tuesday, May 11, 2010

May Sun + Va. Wine Country + 951 feet = Good Times!!

This past weekend, I checked out a relatively new winery in beautiful Virginia countryside, just an hour's drive outside of DC, called Bluemont Vineyard....and may I just say that the view was definitely worth the gorgeous drive. 
 It is  at an elevation of 951 feet in the Blue Ridge Mountains with a 50 mile view .  On a clear day, you can even see the top of the Washington Monument! 

Each of their wines are named after farm animals, which I thought was cute, and because they have a working farm at the foot of the mountain.  Their wines were quite tasty. 
Looks like the perfect spot to enjoy a glass of wine....don'tcha think?

If you find yourself wandering in Northern Virginia's wine country, it would be a shame not to add Bluemont Vineyard to your trip.  I'm going back to try their dessert wines when they start bottling in June...especially their blackberry wine.  Mmm yummy!!

Let Me Introduce.....

My newest nephew, Gabriel "Gabe" David Esposito.  Isn't he just the cutest?!? :)  Born 4/23/10 as I was flying out to Florida for work....so I had to wait several days to meet him.  I took this pic the day he and I finally got introduced.  Multiple photos and videos to follow. ;)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

One of Life's Precious Moments

My beautiful Dalmatian girl, Odysey, passed away yesterday after blessing my life for 13 years.  I was able to be home, holding her when she died, and lucky enough to capture this photo of Liberty, my other Dal, telling her sister goodbye.  It was a very special moment that I will never forget.  I love you, Odysey...always.  I know you feel no more pain, but know that Liberty and I feel the loss of you.

Odysey...April 12, 2010

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

FINALLY! Spring is here!!

Spring has arrived to my little neck of the woods.  Thank the Lord!!  I made it!!  The winter almost consumed me.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Drug Addict....Binge-Drinker....and Now, Ego-Maniac. She is a Triple Threat!

 So I read that Lohan is suing E*trade for their cute commercial that was aired during the Super Bowl, claiming that the "milkaholic Lindsey" mentioned was clearly referring to her.  I have to laugh at this for two reasons.... ONE, that Lohan actually thinks her celebrity status is equal to the likes of  Cher, Madonna, Bono....and TWO, that Lohan knows that she is such a binge-drinking lush that she has no doubts that the commercial is referring to her because come on, who else could it be?  LOL!   Anyone with eyes can see that that cute little baby girl, in no way, represents Lohan.  I know we only see her for a few brief seconds at the end of the commercial, but it is clear that that baby is well-nourished (meaning she eats food and not pills),sober (that's a big one), AND exhibits more acting talent in the one small phrase spoken.  No similarities to Lohan, whatsoever.  Oh, LiLo, you should have stopped at Parent Trap.  I actually think the commercial is hilarious, even before reading this, and not even more so.  So...in case you haven't seen, ENJOY.

Link to the article:
Lindsay Lohan Sues E-Trade for $100 Million Over Super Bowl Commercial - DailyFinance

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Do I hear dualing Lutes?

The NEW King Tut

A very interesting article today on AOL News
webpage regarding new DNA findings for King Tutankhamum who died over 3000 years ago.  Here are some excerpts from that article.

DNA Detective Work Sheds Light on King Tut's Life, Death

Katie Drummond Contributor
(Feb. 16) --" The most famous of all pharaohs was a frail and sickly king who walked with a cane and suffered from a painful bone disease and a club foot. But it may have been a severe case of malaria that finally killed him, according to groundbreaking new genetic analysis."

"A team of researchers from Egypt, Germany and Italy also developed a definitive family tree for King Tutankhamun, including the identity of his father and grandparents and the two still-born fetuses found in his tomb. The genealogy also confirms that Tut's family was largely the product of in-breeding."

"Tutankhamun was only 19 when he died, circa 1324 BC, after a nine-year reign over Egypt's New Kingdom. His death marked the end of his family's 200-year rule, which was then replaced by a military regime."

"King Tut may have ultimately died of malaria, according to a new genetic analysis."

"The DNA tests determined that King Tut had a clubbed left foot and no use of his right foot, because he suffered from a lack of blood flow that leads to collapsed bones (avascular necrosis). Those ailments explain why 130 wooden sticks and staffs were found in his tomb."

The conditions would have weakened his body and immune system, but they wouldn't have been enough to kill him. Rather, the team suspects that Tut sustained a fall -- which explains the head trauma and broken leg discovered in a 1968 X-ray -- and succumbed to a serious malarial infection.

"Everybody knows the golden mask, but his was not an easy, glamorous life."

"Until the latest tests were performed, the king's lineage also was widely disputed. These tests confirm that his father was Akhenaten, a revolutionary pharaoh known for introducing monotheistic religion. Tut's mother, whom many speculate was Queen Nefertiti, remains unidentified -- still known as Mummy KV35YL."

"DNA analysis has yet to identify KV35YL but did conclude that the unnamed mummy is the sister of Akhenaten, as well as his mating partner."

"Some also speculated that Queen Tiye, a wife of Akhenaten whose body was also embalmed alongside Tut's, was the young pharaoh's mother. In fact, the tests revealed, she was his grandmother."

"The two still-born bodies in Tut's tomb, once thought to have been his half-siblings, have been identified as his children."

"...a long history of in-breeding might be responsible for the premature deaths of Tut's offspring."

"In-breeding in successive generations reduces genetic fitness. This would also explain many of Tut's own physical ailments, which might be caused by the sibling relationship between his mother and father."

"Knowing the secrets of King Tut's life, lineage and death lends a new perspective to royal life in Ancient Egypt,.....'Not very royal, is it?' "

Saturday, February 6, 2010


This is just plain silly....Who needs this much snow?  Seriously?

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Monday, January 11, 2010

Great! What's Next? No Stripper Heels while Touring the Monuments?!?

(article found on change.org)

Don't Carry Condoms in D.C. -- You Could Be Charged With Prostitution

Published January 07, 2010 @ 08:42AM PT
UPDATE: Thanks to commenter Larry Roberts for pointing out that this is a problem in San Francisco, too. Turns out, New York City is also guilty. Stay tuned: another post and action updates to come!
Think you might get lucky tonight? Well, if you're in D.C., don't bring more than two condoms in your purse, or you could be arrested as a prostitute.
In D.C., police can declare "Prostitution Free Zones" where officers can pick up (I mean, arrest) anyone suspected of sex work. And they've been accused of using carrying three or more condoms as proof of intent to sell sex -- rather than intent to spend the weekend getting jiggy with a guy.
But as RH Reality Check points out, the real danger of this law falls to people who actually are sex workers. It pushes them to abandon safe sex techniques, putting their own health at risk as well as that of the general population. Add to this the fear of arrest or harassment that keeps sex workers from seeking health care, and you have a recipe for disaster. Everybody should know by now that the nation's capital has a rampant problem with HIV/AIDS; this backwards law contributes to its spread (at three times the rate that characterizes a severe epidemic). It's not like you can expect the johns to bring their own rubbers.
This law prioritizes making commercial areas look clean and pretty lady-free, not protecting the public's health. But the root of the problem isn't this one law: it's the criminalization of sex work. If you want to criminalize something, stick to pimping -- after all, many of these women have been trafficked unwillingly and subjected to violence. If they weren't so afraid of being arrested for stepping forward to condemn their pimps, we'd have a better chance of finding the true criminals in this situation.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

2010!!! Lookin Good, So Far.

A gorgeous sunset over Leesburg, Virginia, 1/2/2010.
Wishing everyone the merriest of new years!