Saturday, March 29, 2008

Baubles, Baubles and More Baubles....

I constantly hear, "Chickory, you LOVE the baubles!"  Yes, I can be a bit of a Magpie when it comes to shiny, sparkly, pretty things, but a bauble might mean something completely different to someone else.  According to the Wikipedia, the definition of a bauble is a stick with a weight attached, used for weighing. Nothing glamorous about that at all!  So, I decide to "google" baubles, and this is what I find....

Angry Indian named Baubles

Holiday Baubles

Bauble washed up on shore. 

The Girl's Best Friend Bauble

The Man's Best Friend Bauble

Baubles adorned in Baubles

Bauble Man

Spaghetti with Meatbaubles

...and Baubles of Strength.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Fortuitous Photo-Op: Part 2

Lady in the street.....

...But a Freak in the bed.

Fortuitous Photo-Op

...and God giveth His heavenly blessing to the Hummer. Amen.

Sad, and Most Likely True....

Maybe by being Single, I have been blessed by the gods.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

We live. We love....but We still destroy.

There are few things I get up on my soap box for.....Animal cruelty is one of those subjects. I love animals. I love their beauty and spirit. I recognize their absolute necessity and purpose on this Earth. It makes me mad to think I was denied the opportunity to view and experience a animal that was drove to extinction before my time such as the Tasmanian Tiger, or the Dodo....beautifully unique creatures that are forever gone. Therefore, I find it equally upsetting and careless to not do everything in man's power to preserve a species still surviving, but slowly disappearing due to man's neglect, cruelty and selfishness. We are denying our future children, just as I have been denied. My blog is to make aware the plight of just one of the many threatened...Timber Wolves (a.k.a. the Grey Wolf) of the Northern Rockies and Alaska. Wolves are of the most beautiful creatures every known, and there are officials in the Bush/Cheney Administration who are working very hard to remove wolves from the endangered species list and pass law allowing the aerial gun-down or the killing by any means for hundreds of wolves. It breaks my heart to even watch the aerial hunt, and ashamed at how cruel mankind can be to each other and other living things.

If you care as I do, do something! Visit,_gray.php

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


I had an unfortunate accident tonight.  While walking down my front stairs to walk my dogs, one of them got under my feet and tripped me down on my ass, twisting my ankle pretty sharply in the process.  The pitiful thing was that since I am a single woman who lives alone, there was no one to laugh at me for falling, let alone help me up....So, for ten minutes, I was stuck on my front stoop in pain.  Later, I was finally able to stand and hobble back into my home to lick my wounds and my pride.  

It was then that I realized maybe there is something to this LifeCall system.  We all remember that early 90's infomercial with the unforgettable catch phrase, "I've fallen, and I can't get up!"? Well, I got to thinking that in these times of more and more single men and women living alone, why not have a LifeCall system for the Under 60?  Hmm?  Maybe we could get a discount for being under-aged. The LifeCall devices could come in snazzy colors or, for the ladies, all blinged out with sparkly Swarovski crystals and charms.  You could download different ring-tones instead of that annoying beep, and have a voice-over of your favorite celebrity who answers your call.  Apple could even come out with iAlert with the capability of holding 1500 of your favorite songs to listen to while you wait for the ambulance to arrive.  The possibilities are endless!!!  

If I could have just pushed the button of my "hot pink, crystal covered, butterfly charm hanging on the side" LifeCall remote control tonight with Brad Pitt in all his sexiness telling me help was on the way while I listened to my top 25, then I wouldn't have had to sit alone, completely embarrassed, in pain, in the cold, with my dogs sniffing me, wondering what the hell I'm doing on the ground.  With LifeCall, I'm never alone! Guaranteed or your money back!  Mmmm, wonder if Brad does night calls? ;)

Monday, March 10, 2008

Cheese Grater or Callous Remover? YUCK!

Okay....I don't know if I should be sick or excited about this latest "As Seen On Tv" product. It's the Ped Egg, and it claims to give you silky soft feet minus the cost of expensive Spa Pedicures. Seems like a nifty idea....easy to use, clean, no mess, but do I really need to see a pound of "supposed" foot shavings being dumped to get the idea? Heaven forbid someone accidentally leaves it on the dinner table during Spaghetti Night!! GROSS!


Check out the commercial if the picture just isn't disgusting enough for you...

Size DOES Matter.

I'd like to answer the question and say....YES! Size does matter.


I don't even want to know the fat grams in this thing!  Just
hand it over NOW. :)


That's almost 5 inches of pure Peanut Buttery Bliss....Mmmm!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Just not enough....

There just isn't enough "potty" humor around to brighten one's day and take you back to your junior high mentality when anything to do with the bathroom was some funny shit (no pun intended).  Sit back, relax, and go back to a time when life was much simpler, and simpler things were much funnier.