Wednesday, March 26, 2008

We live. We love....but We still destroy.

There are few things I get up on my soap box for.....Animal cruelty is one of those subjects. I love animals. I love their beauty and spirit. I recognize their absolute necessity and purpose on this Earth. It makes me mad to think I was denied the opportunity to view and experience a animal that was drove to extinction before my time such as the Tasmanian Tiger, or the Dodo....beautifully unique creatures that are forever gone. Therefore, I find it equally upsetting and careless to not do everything in man's power to preserve a species still surviving, but slowly disappearing due to man's neglect, cruelty and selfishness. We are denying our future children, just as I have been denied. My blog is to make aware the plight of just one of the many threatened...Timber Wolves (a.k.a. the Grey Wolf) of the Northern Rockies and Alaska. Wolves are of the most beautiful creatures every known, and there are officials in the Bush/Cheney Administration who are working very hard to remove wolves from the endangered species list and pass law allowing the aerial gun-down or the killing by any means for hundreds of wolves. It breaks my heart to even watch the aerial hunt, and ashamed at how cruel mankind can be to each other and other living things.

If you care as I do, do something! Visit,_gray.php

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