Tuesday, March 23, 2010

FINALLY! Spring is here!!

Spring has arrived to my little neck of the woods.  Thank the Lord!!  I made it!!  The winter almost consumed me.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Drug Addict....Binge-Drinker....and Now, Ego-Maniac. She is a Triple Threat!

 So I read that Lohan is suing E*trade for their cute commercial that was aired during the Super Bowl, claiming that the "milkaholic Lindsey" mentioned was clearly referring to her.  I have to laugh at this for two reasons.... ONE, that Lohan actually thinks her celebrity status is equal to the likes of  Cher, Madonna, Bono....and TWO, that Lohan knows that she is such a binge-drinking lush that she has no doubts that the commercial is referring to her because come on, who else could it be?  LOL!   Anyone with eyes can see that that cute little baby girl, in no way, represents Lohan.  I know we only see her for a few brief seconds at the end of the commercial, but it is clear that that baby is well-nourished (meaning she eats food and not pills),sober (that's a big one), AND exhibits more acting talent in the one small phrase spoken.  No similarities to Lohan, whatsoever.  Oh, LiLo, you should have stopped at Parent Trap.  I actually think the commercial is hilarious, even before reading this, and not even more so.  So...in case you haven't seen, ENJOY.

Link to the article:
Lindsay Lohan Sues E-Trade for $100 Million Over Super Bowl Commercial - DailyFinance