Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Just shoot Me!

What is the deal!?! I'm beginning to wonder if turning mid-30's is a starting point to all the "aches" and "pains" that come with growing older? Little annoyances keep occurring with my body lately, and I'm not liking it very much at all! Besides the fact that my left ankle is STILL swelling from a fall that occurred over two months ago (see previous LifeCall? blog posted), I woke up this morning with a painful knot on my left wrist....right where you can find the pulse. WTF?!? Did I fight ninjas in my dream last night? Is this the start of Carpal Tunnel from ten years of working at a computer? Or am I just falling apart and need to be taken out back and shot like a losing show pony!? Fortunately, I do have the luxury of working with doctors, so I asked one today to give me his diagnosis on this mysterious knot. He proceeds to tell me that it could be a Ganglion Cyst (a.k.a. a Bible Bump) which results from "performing repetitive and strenuous activity with the wrist". Now if I was a left-handed man, this could possibly be an embarassing moment, but I am right-handed and female. I have no idea what stenuous activity I have been performing. The doctor then proceeded to tell me that the best way to take care of this without surgery is to whack it with a huge heavy book. Excuse me?! Is this medicine at it's best? This explains why it is also known as the Bible Bump. For most households, back in the day, the heaviest book in the home was the family Bible. Therefore, it was being used most often to rid the suffering sinner of their tumor with one heavenly blow. I think I will take my chances and just deal with the pain before allowing myself to be "whacked" in the name of the Lord.

My Wrist :(

Internet example of the Bible Bump

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