Monday, July 28, 2008

Free Toothpicks

This summer, Northern Virginia has had some crazy unusual weather and natural occurrences...from tornadoes, severe storms, cool weather in July, and even a earthquake. Should we blame Global warming? Or maybe it's the End of Times? Either way...sure makes for some interesting photo opportunities.

Yesterday, we had another severe storm pass through my neighborhood. They don't last very long, but they sure make a mess of the yard with tree limbs, and leaves blown all over the place. This particular storm brought on some harsh lightning, and one of the trees in the front got struck. Sounded like a shotgun, and I was shocked to see the tree still standing...but the battle scars were left. The force of the lightning blew off a 5 in wide strip of bark from the very top branch, down to the tree's roots. Splinters of bark were all over the place like it had exploded out. I found some pieces of bark as far as 20 feet from the tree, and some strips of bark as long as four feet like the tree had been peeled. It made for an interesting Sunday afternoon, so wanted to share with anyone curious.

Toothpicks, Anyone?


sondra german said...

wow... i have never seen anything like that before!

sondra german said...

i'm rioting... update! update! update!