Saturday, November 29, 2008

Ah....Christmas is in the Air. What is this world coming too?!?

Seriously!? Did a crowd of morons really kill someone over holiday deals such as $2 DVD's, $28 vacuum, and Flat screen tv's under $500? Ignorance is NOT bliss.


NEW YORK (Nov. 29) - Police were reviewing video from surveillance cameras in an attempt to identify who trampled to death a Wal-Mart worker after a crowd of post-Thanksgiving shoppers burst through the doors at a suburban store and knocked him down. Other workers were trampled as they tried to rescue the man, and customers stepped over him and became irate when officials said the store was closing because of the death, police and witnesses said. At least four other people, including a woman who was eight months pregnant, were taken to hospitals for observation or minor injuries. The store in Valley Stream on Long Island closed for several hours before reopening.

Police said about 2,000 people were gathered outside the Wal-Mart doors before its 5 a.m. opening at a mall about 20 miles east of Manhattan. The impatient crowd knocked the employee, identified by police as Jdimytai Damour, to the ground as he opened the doors, leaving a metal portion of the frame crumpled like an accordion. "This crowd was out of control," Fleming said. He described the scene as "utter chaos," and said the store didn't have enough security. Dozens of store employees trying to fight their way out to help Damour were also getting trampled by the crowd, Fleming said. Shoppers stepped over the man on the ground and streamed into the store. Damour, 34, of Queens, was taken to a hospital, where he was pronounced dead around 6 a.m., police said. The exact cause of death has not been determined.

A 28-year-old pregnant woman was taken to a hospital, where she and the baby were reported to be OK, said police Sgt. Anthony Repalone. Kimberly Cribbs, who witnessed the stampede, said shoppers were acting like savages. When they were saying they had to leave, that an employee got killed, people were yelling `I've been on line since yesterday morning', she said. 'They kept shopping'."


Mrs. M. said...

When I heard about this I just felt disgusted (to say the least). What the fuck is wrong with people? They act like goddamn animals! Actually scratch that. My dogs are loving and compassionate and certainly wouldn't trample someone to death for a buy one get one soap set. If I were the family of the tragically deceased, I would be infuriated. These people took a life, and should be somehow responsible. How do you NOT notice you are stepping on someone? People/ground=DIFFERENT

ChicChickory said...

Yes, I had the same infuriating emotion to hear a story like this....such a senseless loss of life. People are idiots, and you are right...not even animals act so stupid...except for maybe Wildebeest when they migrate....but even they stampede for survival, not a holiday sale.