Sunday, April 26, 2009

I title this one....WTF? Marketing

Generally, I think the Axe commercials are cute and 
clever, but this one definitely left me bewildered.

Just what exactly does it promote? Cannibalism? 
Self Mutilation? Anything but deodorant, it appears.

I'm a bit grossed out at the whole dipping of fruit into his navel, but I must admit I have wanted to take a bite out of a fine piece of chocolate ass before. Dare I ask.....
just what is this guy pouring into those girls cups?  
Chocolate piss?  

You know the marketing crew was fighting the urge
to shamelessly plug the whole "Dick in a Box" craze
brought on by JT and Samberg.


sondra german said...

lol... yeah seen this one on tv some... first time my husband and i just turned to each with these blank looks on our face... i'll admit it, i did love the part where she bites his toosh! lol

Mrs. M. said...

if only he was white chocolate he would be michael jackson