Tuesday, May 11, 2010

May Sun + Va. Wine Country + 951 feet = Good Times!!

This past weekend, I checked out a relatively new winery in beautiful Virginia countryside, just an hour's drive outside of DC, called Bluemont Vineyard....and may I just say that the view was definitely worth the gorgeous drive. 
 It is  at an elevation of 951 feet in the Blue Ridge Mountains with a 50 mile view .  On a clear day, you can even see the top of the Washington Monument! 

Each of their wines are named after farm animals, which I thought was cute, and because they have a working farm at the foot of the mountain.  Their wines were quite tasty. 
Looks like the perfect spot to enjoy a glass of wine....don'tcha think?

If you find yourself wandering in Northern Virginia's wine country, it would be a shame not to add Bluemont Vineyard to your trip.  I'm going back to try their dessert wines when they start bottling in June...especially their blackberry wine.  Mmm yummy!!

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Caitee Rae said...

That is so pretty! Awesome that you share cool places like this.
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