Friday, February 27, 2009

Over 20 years, and it's healing powers still abound.

In these days of my own, personal economic uncertainties such as seeing my parents work so long and hard only to lose almost half of their 401K the very year they have turned 65, to getting told by my boss, this week, to bring in cash for the company or lay off some of my staff, I find myself pressing replay on one of the best songs written from one of the best bands on Earth. I love this video version of U2 at Live Aid 1985 despite the bad quality of the video, the 2 second switch to some cartoon, or even Bono's sexy ridiculous 80's hair because, truly, all I really want to do is slow dance with Bono amidst thousands of people to the melody of "Bad". Then I will know it will all be well again.