Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I'll Sue You, Vegas, for Showing Me a Good Time!

Is there no limit to what you can sue for nowadays?  Let's also sue Vegas for supplying unlimited food buffets for $5, contributing to the expanding waistline of America.  Hell!  Sue for the continuous hot, dry weather that would clearly cause skin dryness.  I mean, My God!  How has Vegas and it's many Dens of Sin they call "casinos" been allowed to corrupt people lives with fun all these years?!?  It must stop!  If you ask me, I think the tourists need to be sued for the ridiculous fashion crimes displayed that I had to witness on my Vegas trip...for THAT was the true crime in Sin City.

Travel News

Gambler Sues Caesars Palace for "Milking" Him

A Las Vegas gambler who lost $112 million in a year is suing casino Caesars Palace, claiming the staff took advantage of him by supplying him with alcohol and drugs.
Terry Watanabe 52, said he lived at Caesars Palace for six months, gambling nonstop on the roulette wheel and slot machines, a story by the Telegraph reported. After a losing streak and running up around $15 million in debt, he was charged with theft, the story said. Watanabe has pleaded not guilty and filed a counter-suit against the parent company Harrah's for fraud, breach of contract, conspiracy and negligence, the story said.
Watanabe also alleges that casino staff gave him prescription painkillers and an unlimited alcoholic beverages, which "rendered him utterly intoxicated and unfit to gamble," the story said. Harrah's denies any wrong doing, and they stand by their long history of "responsible and ethical practices," the story said.


Mrs. M. said...

And you know what else? When i went to the Wendy's drivethru do you know what they offered me? Food! Can you fucking believe it?!? The absolute audacity. First they go and try to get you to gamble in Las Vegas and then they try to offer you food at a restaurant? This is clearly the work of Satan.

Julius said...

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