Tuesday, November 10, 2009

OdLibby*s is Born!

It started off as a simple hobby of jewelry making to de-stress at home, but has recently turned into the beginnings of a (side) cash cow.  At the suggestions of my friends and family, I have begun to sell some of my pieces, and I am pleased that so many have shown their approval to my work.   Therefore, OdLibby*s has been born, created from the names of my beloved(s), Odysey and Liberty, who have shown their support by sitting at my feet under the dining room table while I work.  Each one of my pieces is handcrafted by myself, and given a name to distinguish their unique quality.  I am a total magpie when it comes to shiny, sparkly things, so it has been only natural that I find enjoyment in creating "baubles" with my own hands. :)  I find inspiration from many different things that I come across in this world from nature, culture, history, or the arts...from the simple to the exoticI think it is awesome that I can share with others, while making a little cash in the process.  Who wouldn't love that? ;)  I plan on posting some of my work here in the hopes of inspiring others.  Definitely, share your comments. :)