Friday, April 20, 2012

Spring brings Babies!!

I am typically a Fall/Autumn girl, but one thing I do love about Spring are all the beautiful flowers and the brand new wildlife babies. :)  This Spring I've been excited over a few new babies that have come into my life.

The first being this little one....
 Meet in the cartoon Peppa Pig.  My nephews absolutely LOVE that little cartoon, and they felt I should name this little girl after Peppa since she can be quite the little piglet at meal time. :) I've always been a Dalmatian girl, so wasn't sure if little Chihuahua would be a good fit in my home with Liberty, my dalmatian, and myself.  BUT, we have quickly forgotten that sentiment, and Peppa has made herself quite as home. :)

 Here's a shot of her with her new big sister, Liberty....

They are quickly becoming best buds...and I feel happiness again to have two babies to take care of.  After losing Odysey, the house just didn't feel the same for Liberyt and Peppa has definitely added some joy back. :)

Another set of babies that I am obsessed with this Spring....The Decorah Eagles!!

OMG! Look at those faces!!! :)  I tell you. I cannot stop watching this live stream of a family of eagles in Iowa.  If you have not heard of this or have not seen, I warn you....before you dare to take a peek, know that you may be addicted to watching like myself.  It is amazing to watch nature when they don't know we are watching. :)

Lastly, I got a nice surprise the other day when I spotted these little beauties in my front yard...

You cannot know my excitment when I saw these blue jewels hidden in my front yard....Momma Robin was away just long enough for me to catch a peek at how many babies will soon arrive.  I can't wait, and I will definitely keep you posted. :)

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