Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A "Feel Good" Story.....for a change.

I love stories like this. It just builds on my absolute love for animals, and confirms my belief that they deserve much better treatment from mankind than what they currently receive. When stories like people being trampled or shot at stores for material things seem to run rampant in the news during the Christmas season, I prefer to find stories such as Gin, the Dancing Dog, which demonstrates a true friendship and trust. Gin is an amazing dog, but I also think something should be said for his owner's amazing abilities in training. Seriously...I can get my dogs to sit but only when they feel like it OR I have a favorite treat dangling above their heads. So, my hat is off (if I was wearing one) to this girl's patience, ability and compassion for her talented furry friend. Sure, Gin isn't the first to do a moonwalk, but when did we ever see MJ do a moonwalk 360 degrees and then through a woman's legs? NEVER! We all know who's legs MJ prefers.

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Mrs. M. said...

Oh my God that was so cute!!! My beagle can walk on two legs but like you said, only if there is a treat involved. The fact that this woman trained little Gin to do all of that is incredible.