Wednesday, December 3, 2008

OMG!!!! I need to bitch!!

Not too long ago, I read an article about how scientists, physicians, disease-control and government officials were debating on who in the world's population should be considered "priority" in the event of a massive viral catastrophe that could wipe out the earth's population. Somewhere in the world today, there is a group of people deciding on who will be allowed to receive a vaccination and who will be considered "expendable"....the "Trim the Fat" population, if you will.

For example, in the article, it described how people who were scholars, doctors, scientists, etc. would be part of the elite group, and elderly folks (age 55 and up) would be last on the list for the vaccine if shortages were present. First of all, I have serious issues with anyone, and I mean ANYONE, Mrs. Sarah Palin, who thinks they can play God....but that is a totally different soap box. Another issue, Another day. Let me stay on track here. No, what I would like to rant about, or rather suggest is another group of people who should be considered for the list of "expendables" in the event of world annihilation. My suggestion would be for those people who insist on being on their cellphones while driving in the fast lane going about 15 miles BELOW the speed limit, and refuse to just pull the fuck over! Yes, I said it! There are few people who can instill a rage in me like a shaken bag of wasps....people who judge others, people who are cruel to animals (Sarah Palin), AND idiots on their mother-freakin cellphones during rush hour!!! I mean, seriously, People, Get OFF the F***ing Phone!!!

So, to those know-it-all scientists, lay off the elderly, and by the way, when did 55 yrs old become "elderly"? Why eliminate an age group that can give us warmth, wisdom, money for ice cream on our birthdays, and fabulous baked goods? Instead, clear the world of inconsiderate morons who cause risk of accident, and potential road rage from women late for work behind them....and while you are at it, throw in those guilty of any animal cruelty (Sarah Palin) to boot. But again, another time for that. I shall now step off my box.


Mrs. M. said...

I don't think of 55 as "elderly" either. My mom is 47 and in better shape than most 20 year olds. You are right though-for people to rank others as "worthy" or "not worthy" is absurd. I can understand if there was a huge crisis, treating say, a group of doctors that have the ability to help the population. If they are well, they can probably help save thousands of others. But in all other cases, it's illogical to decide who should live or die like some people (Sarah Palin).

Mrs. M. said...

You know, I thought about this a little and whose to say if those doctors get better that they will automatically help others? I would like to retract my original opinion.