Thursday, December 11, 2008

I took the challenge and I failed miserably.

So, I am channel surfing one Saturday afternoon, and I come across this sneak peek at a new show called, The Locator, with Troy Dunn. In the commercial, it stated that this show will tug at the heart strings, and it WILL make the tears flow. Well! That sounded like a challenge to me if I ever did hear one! Except for when animals are concerned, I am not one to let the waterworks flow for any fact, I'm usually the last one to let my emotions show. So, I was determined to watch this show and prove it wrong on the crying at the big reveal part.

Needless to say, I failed....failed miserably, in fact. At the point of the show when Troy reveals the long lost loved one to those who were searching for years and years to no avail, I get all misty-eyed, tears welling up, that stupid happy grin on my face for the joy of reunion being viewed......DAMN YOU, Troy Dunn!!! Damn you and your tear-jerking skills! Luckily, only my dogs saw my sad, sad, diplay, otherwise, my reputation as a cold-hearted bitch would be ruined!

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sondra german said...

welcome to my world... i had to give up the cold-hearted bitch name tag a couple of years ago when i realized so many more things WERE tugging at my heart-strings... i can't even watch the freaking news now! lol